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Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, management and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has graphical user interface, layered and merging information model, multiple visualization models, huge collection of information extraction, import and export options, embedded HTTP server with several output modules and open plug-in architecture. Wandora is a FOSS application with GNU GPL license.

Wandora is well suited for constructing information mashups. Wandora is capable of extracting and converting a wide range of open data feeds to topic map formats (see image below). Beyond topic map conversion, this feature allows Wandora user to aggregate multidimensional information mashups where information from Flickr interleaves with information from GeoNames and YouTube, for example.

Wandoras extractors.gif

This website, WandoraWiki, is a home of Wandora software application. To contribute Topic Maps community, Wandora Team has converted several well known ontologies to Topic Maps format. These ontologies: WordNet, OpenCyc, Gene Ontology, Gellish, and Finnish General Upper Ontology (YSO) are available at Topic Map Library.

To contact developers of the Wandora application, please use Wandora Forum or contact us as described in FAQ.


2012-04-30: Wandora Team is proud to present yet another Wandora version (2012-04-30). This version features an enhanced Processing Topic Panel, two completely new sample sketches for the Processing topic panel: Sphere3D and Euclidean3D, three server modules for Wandora's embedded server: timeline, googlemaps, and d3graph. Last but not least, new version features a New York Times Article Search API extractor. See Change log.

2012-04-05: Next Wandora version will be published 30th of April. Version features a navigable 3D graph visualization of a topic map (made with Processing topic panel) and server modules for timeline and geo-map visualizations.

2012-03-26: Topic Map Export module for Drupal has been updated.

See also past news. If you are interested in Topic Maps and information technology related news see Planet Topic Maps and Planet RDF.

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